Medium zoom day and thermal camera gimbal with outstanding performance for aerial surveillance, security, law enforcement, facility inspection. Rex Mini can be purchased as Retractable option - RG.


Width: 96mm Weight: 700-850g
Medium zoom system with 10x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom (120x total zoom) and optional 2 phase image stabilization. Besides mechanical stabilization camera has post-stabilized with internal digital image stabilization as an option. With thermal and low light day camera combination nothing can hide from this outstanding gimbal system. Software includes software image stabilization for eliminating roll movement and best performance image quality without shakes. Available in full HD or SD day camera vieo quality.
REX mini is a military standard rain and shock resistant easy to use and fully modular.


To reduce operators workload we highly recomend using tracking system. It is extremely easy to use. Just click on a feature you want camera to track. A house, car,... anything remarkable.


See how REX Mini looks

Rex Mini RG - Retractable solution

Object tracking system